Zipper Lunch Bag - Cars

Zipper Lunch Bag - Cars

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Our organic cotton lunch bag is super stylish!

With a water resistant liner, it's perfect for lunches and snacks!

It features: magnetic closure, inner ID card holder, fully lined interior.

Completely lead-free, phthalate-free and BPA-free.


Spot clean or hand wash, hang it to dry.


ziploc bags and kitchen aluminium foil!

did you know that the vast majority of the 1 trillion (yep, you ready it right!) or so plastic bags used each year end up in a landfill? #plasticsucks indeed, my friends...

the first problem is that consumers need to remember to bring their used storage bags, plastic grocery bags, dry cleaning bags and other thin plastic film to a retail location for recycling (again, if such location is available near you!). and upon collection, many plastic bag recyclers weed out soiled bags or other materials that are deemed unusable. ew, ew and ew!