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After becoming a mom for the first time, I started to notice the amount of rubbish we were going through every day rising at an alarming rate – from plastic wraps and bottles, to random boxes and let’s not forget about the hundreds of nappies!

I started to think: “If just 2 adults and a tiny little baby can generate so much waste, imagine an office or a school?”, proper disaster, right? Right!

My initial reaction was to educate myself on recycling and composting – two powerful initiatives that seemed to be, in theory, quick wins.

After just a few months, I realised that recycling and composting were not the only answers – we needed to address the thoughtless consumption of plastic bottles, shampoo bottles and all single-use, disposable material that we were bringing into our home every weekend, after our weekly visit to the shops. And so, we did it. Today, I can say that we are a family that watches its consumption and tries really, really hard to avoid unnecessary waste. Our end goal is to replace everything that won’t be recycled or composted for reusable alternatives. Based on my personal journey and my family guiding principles, I decided to create reuzi.

Our Mission  

bullet pointto break the stigma around sustainability. Sustainability is not exclusive to scientists or the ‘all-or-nothing’ folk. We want to make sustainability an easy to digest subject with fun, colourful products and educational services.

bullet point to encourage minimal-waste living; We want to help everyone take one extra step towards sustainable living – whether that means helping them get their first stainless steel straw to providing the tools and knowledge to transform their entire grocery shopping routine.

I truly hope you enjoy your journey with us. 

With love and respect, Pat Kane

Pat Kane - About Pat Kane was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, surrounded by the sun and the ocean. Her background is in business having worked with several multinationals in a bunch of different countries over the past 18 years. Living in Dublin with her husband and - now! - two boys, Pat believes that being happy involves being healthy (body & mind!) and wholeheartedly embracing the world we all share... and having a great time while doing it!

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