#plasticfree Birthday Party

#plasticfree Birthday Party

Don't we all want to learn practical tips on how to host a plastic-free children's party? I know I certainly do.

Today, Orla brings us through her journey while putting together a #plasticfree party for her son.

Let's see how this supermum got there!

My Pledge for Plastic Free July was to try and hold a birthday party without using any single-use plastic items or as little as possible. 

The little guy turned 4 on the 5th of July. 

It was only last year that I first heard about Plastic Free July. 

It got me thinking as I organised his birthday, just how much plastic waste from a party that lasts just two hours! 

Do we want our children growing up thinking it’s ok to use disposable items for parties because it’s slightly more convenient or colourful? 

One thing is for sure it’s definitely not convenient or fun for our wildlife to be choking on the stuff.


To start, make a List of plastic-free items you don't need!

Before I could decide what we needed I made a list of what we didn’t! What typical party items were not going to feature; balloons, straws, disposable plastic cups, plates, cutlery, plastic party bags, and the plastic party toys and bags of sweets that go into them, all the typical party food that tends to come wrapped in plastic, sweets, crisps biscuits and not forgetting the cake which usually comes in a cardboard box with plastic window (if you buy the ready-made ones from a shop!), plastic juice containers or bottled water, not to mind all the cooked food that comes raw in plastic too... Literally everything comes wrapped in the stuff, it’s a minefield! 

Party shopping is depressing when looking for plastic-free items.

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