What Can I Recycle In Ireland?

What Can I Recycle In Ireland?

Recycling can be challenging.

We are here to simplify it.

Recycling doesn't need to be difficult nor painful.
It should be  something we do without even thinking - some sort of sustainable auto-pilot :-)
Below you will find the list of what can be recycled in Ireland.
Oh! And it's always worth checking with your waste management company if they have any specific rules when  collecting your bins...

If items once contained food or liquid, they must be rinsed clean and given a shake to remove the water before going into your recycle bin. Food and liquid can contaminate the materials in the recycling bin. Wet paper or dirty paper cannot be recycled, but it can go in your organic waste bin!

Also, note that items must be placed loosely in the bin. Your mixed recycle bin is sorted into different categories for recycling. If you have placed items inside one another, the machines will not be able to sort them and unwanted items such as food or nappies can enter the system while precious resources are lost.

What can you recycle in Ireland?

Rigid Plastic:

  • plastic drink bottles e.g. Coca-Cola bottles
  • plastic cleaning bottles
  • butter, yoghurts and salad tubs
  • fruit and veggie trays (without the flimsy plastic!)
  • washed and dried plastic milk bottles
  • salad and sambo containers
  • soap and shampoo bottles
  • packaging moulds

Tins & Cans:

  • soup cans
  • pet food cans
  • drink cans
  • food cans
  • coffee tins

Paper & Cardboard:

  • folders and paper
  • shredded paper
  • catalogues and flyers
  • pizza boxes (ONLY when 100% clean!)
  • letters and brochures
  • cardboard boxes like cereal boxes (flat!)
  • egg cartons
  • toilet and kitchen roll
  • newspaper
  • tetrapak juice and milk cartons



  • glass is 100% recyclable however it should not go in the household recycling bin. 
  • glass should be collected and placed in glass / bottle banks as the separate collection of glass produces the highest quality recycled glass.
  • before recycling, give your bottles a quick rinse. at a minimum, ensure that they are emptied of their contents. remember that insects such as wasps are attracted to sugar in the food and drink residues in the bottles and jars, not to the actual glass itself. the cleaner the bottles and jars going in, the less the number of insects that will be attracted to the bring site.
  • glass can be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its properties.
  • not all glassware can be put in glass banks such as cookware, pyrex, plates, cups and ceramics as they have a different melting point to traditional glass.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE keep lids on! 

And remember: when in doubt, FIND OUT! Don't let a good opportunity for recycling go to waste :)

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    Everyone thinks that glass is 100% recyclable, and so are Coca-Cola bottles

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