Natural Lip Balm | Zero-Waste | Irish

Natural Lip Balm | Zero-Waste | Irish

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Casper Co.lip balm is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Taking inspiration from a Paloma cocktail, this lip balm is suitable for everyone, with a subtle taste of grapefruit, lime and mint. Keeping the sweetness level to a minimum.

Its packaging has been chosen to specifically have the smallest impact on the environment. - all fully compostable and zero plastic used.

This 20-gram compostable tub is fully biodegradable and printed with biodegradable ink.

The larger tub means gram for gram, Casper Co lip balm is one of the most cost-efficient on the market.

As well as lasting longer due to our lower oil content!

End of Life Design:
Each tub is designed to be re-used to grow flowers, (seeds provided) when the lip balm has been finished!