Bamboo Organic Straws - Set of 6

Bamboo Organic Straws - Set of 6

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a natural, toxin-free way to enjoy your drink... because #plasticsucks!

this is a very natural product made from organic certified bamboo and it does need washing before first use. if there is any pith on the inside of a straw, it can be brushed out and then washed. it is natural and edible so of no concern.


we do not recommend putting the straws and the brush provided in the dishwasher. please wash using warm soapy water.


if you decide that it's time to let your straw go, remember: organic bamboo straws are 100% compostable!


single-use plastic straws!

research suggests that in the USA alone they use 500 million straws a day. enough to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times!

instead of biodegrading, plastic degrades into smaller and smaller pieces and guess where those end? either ingested by marine or land animals.

as for Ireland, this country is one of Europe's top five plastic waste offender, as we produce 61kg per person, per year!

together we can change this stat - starting today!