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Breath Essential Oil | Kotanical

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A unique, tasteful way to perk up a room, our Breath diffuser blend is sure to give anyone the little pick me up they need to continue with their day. The indoor equivalent of a breath of fresh, crisp outdoor air. Our Breath diffuser blend combines a number of beautifully scented, aromatic essential oils and ingredients to help instil a sense of coolness, calmness and collectiveness to any room in your house. Our Breath diffuser blend is sure to let you enjoy both an exciting fragrance coupled with a range of benefits from the ingredients used within the blend.

What’s Inside Our Breath Diffuser Blend?

The Breath diffuser blend contains an exciting, well balanced mixture of ingredients and essential oils which can benefit you in a range of different ways. These ingredients include:


Often used to help relieve pain from migraines and tension headaches, joint and muscle pains and of course helping to relieve blocked sinuses. Perfect for just about any room where you spend a lot of time.


Help to breathe a little easier and reduce the roughness of coughs, the wonderful scent of eucalyptus oil is brilliant for those stuffy autumn and winter colds and flus that come with the seasons.


Used to reduce and prevent joint inflammation whilst also helping to reduce stress, and help you become more alert.


Helping to reduce stress and improving memory and cognitive function, perfect for the home working environment.


How To Use The Breath Diffuser Blend

The Breath diffuser blend is a concentration of potent essential oils, we recommend placing 3-5 tiny droplets in your diffuser.

  • Switch the diffuser off.
  • Remove cover and plastic lid.
  • Add roughly 100ml of water to the tank.
  • Add 3-5 small droplets of our Breath Blend.
  • Place the plastic lid and cover on the diffuser.
  • Switch your diffuser on.
  • Pick your desired setting.