Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend | Kotanical
Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend | Kotanical
Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend | Kotanical
Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend | Kotanical

Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend | Kotanical

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Christmas Diffuser Oil Blend

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year. There are so many scents to enjoy and relax to. If you want to fill a space with the classic scents of Christmas, then why not try our Christmas diffuser blend? Whether you plan to use Christmas scents in your aromatherapy or simply wish to create a lasting scent of Christmas throughout your space, our Christmas diffuser blend is the perfect mix of carefully formulated Christmas scents to bestow joy to your space. Let the warm smell of mince pies and cinnamon lattes last forever.

What’s in Our Christmas Diffuser Blend?

The Christmas diffuser blend brings together all of the warm scents that helps warm us and relax us knowing that the Christmas holidays are near. A careful blend of oils that not only smell magical, but with many beneficial properties too:

Wild Orange

Adding a spring of zest to the air, the scent of wild orange can help to uplift the mood in just about any room. Purifying the air and helping to energize those who happen to have their nostrils graced by the delicate scent.


Clove oil can be wonderful in a Christmas setting, helping to energize and stimulate when used in aromatherapy. Not to mention it is great for reducing coughs and helps with asthma.


Perhaps the most well known Christmas scent, cinnamon oil is amazing for aromatherapy and helps to entice a relaxing  and calming environment. However it is very potent so it is often used sparingly.

How To Add The Christmas Blend To Your Diffuser

The Christmas diffuser is a magical concoction of very potent oils so it is highly recommended to not use more than 3-5 drops at a time when adding to your diffuser. 

  • Be sure to switch the diffuser off.
  • Remove the plastic lid and cover.
  • Pour 100ml of water into the tank.
  • Add only 3-5 tiny droplets of the Christmas blend.
  • Place both the diffuser’s plastic lid and cover on again.
  • Be sure to switch the diffuser back on.

Pick your favourite setting.


All KOTANICAL Essential Oils are 10ml / .33 fl oz

Contain only 100% organic essential oil, VEGAN-FRIENDLY & Certified cruelty free by the leaping bunny program. 

Free from synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil.

Country of Origin - Portugal | Extraction - Steam distillation

Part of Plant - Leaves

(Avoid use around Animals)

Shelf life 1-2 years.