Kids' Bamboo Toothbrush in Red by Hydrophil

Bamboo Toothbrush | Children | Red | Hydrophil

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My sons love the fact that his toothbrush is made of bamboo!

To top it all, when I said: "This toothbrush can help our planet!", he was blown-away.

Gotta love kids' enthusiasm!

This is the first and only toothbrush to be made with 100% plant-based, petroleum free bristles. nn top of that,

It's vegan, water-neutral and fair. what's not to love?

The bristles are made from BPA-free nylon.

The handle of the toothbrush is composed of rapidly renewable bamboo, which also has an antibacterial effect.

Dimensions 14.5cm x 2.5cm.



Always let the toothbrush dry thoroughly and replace it every 2- 3 months.



Plastic toothbrushes!

Over a billion toothbrushes in the US alone are used and disposed of each year, amounting to approximately 23,000 tonnes of landfill each year. horrific!

The plastic they're made of will not break down in our lifetime... nor within the lifetime of our children or our children's children!

Hydrophil's bristles are made from the most environmentally friendly material that is currently available.

Nevertheless, they are unfortunately not compostable under normal household conditions.

We therefore still recommend that the handle and the bristles be disposed of separately.