Lunching On The Go? Eco Friendly Lunch Ideas From reuzi

Lunching On The Go? Eco Friendly Lunch Ideas From reuzi

Whether it's at school, the park or at work, reuzi has your lunchbox sorted!

With so many of us making real efforts to be more sustainable in our everyday lives, back to school can be a tricky time to keep up with your eco credentials.

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We’re all trying to be a bit more sustainable these days and those little changes add up to make big differences.

It’s a lot easier to greenify your kitchen these days too as there is such an appetite for eco-friendly alternatives to disposable options. From a keep cup made from coffee husks (how’s that for recycling!) to a clever snack-maker here are some of our favourite reusable bits for the kitchen and beyond.

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Back to school means packing back to school lunches. For a long time this meant a ham sambo wrapped in cling film or tin foil, paired with the finest juice carton or bottle of water, popped into your child’s schoolbag. It was a staple Irish lunch and it was mighty! But, it wasn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly way to pack a lunch.

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