You've asked.... Sustainable Fashion Brands

You've asked.... Sustainable Fashion Brands

You’ve asked for it… so here it is, our very own curation of our fave Irish fashion brands!

But before we get to it, let's talk about what's being called Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion is a movement that advocates for ethical and sustainable manufacturing of clothing - for the greater good of our planet, humans included, of course!

The first step to slow fashion, is asking WHY before you buy.

Do you actually need a new pair of jeans? Or another white tee?

Need is different from Want - let's keep that in mind.

Now, if you do NEED something new, then you can choose to go for natural fabrics vs. synthetic options, you can support small + local businesses, buy second hand, swapping, consider renting for special occasions and always, always ask WHY.

When it comes to supporting local brands, try to research about their green credentials before making your final decision. Email them your questions, message them on social media, etc.

But what makes a brand truly sustainable?

Well, the list is long but these are a few common points...

  • The brand must choose certified fabrics and/or have GOTS credentials and/or use recycled materials and/or use up-cycled, vintage, leftover fabrics
  • The brand tries to source most of their raw materials in Ireland or at least, the EU... the thing is, it's not always easy to find materials here, as I am sure some of you will know...
  • The brand doesn't over-promise - the brand is honest and transparent - we get that no one can be perfect but everybody can and should be honest!
  • A brand is working on reducing its impact on the planet (waste of energy / water / raw materials, etc.)
  • The brand ensures that their staff is properly looked after...
  • An inclusive look at our society - we are different from one another and brands should cater for our differences.

Based on the above, we have selected some of our favourite Irish brands and retailers… these guys are making a conscious effort to do better!














  • Fauna Kids
  • babagnu
  • Fresh Kids
  • Goose & Gander
  • Slugs & Snails
  • Mimi & Bowe
  • Polly & Andy
  • Rudai Olla
  • Sonny Bear
  • Cairenn Foy
  • Rain + Conker
  • Farmyard The Label
  • HappiClose


Phew! That's a long list :-)

Do you have any other suggestions? The world gotta know about our incredible local talent!

Our next post will be all about second hand / pre loved shops and apps so stay tuned!


- We will be editing this guide as we go because Ireland is bursting with incredible AND considered talent!

- Beautiful image by one of my personal fave Irish brands, Theo + George

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