What's the story? - Plastic-Free Haircare

What's the story? - Plastic-Free Haircare

We’ve all been there - it's that time of the day, we’re all arriving back home after a looong day, shoes are off (dare I say, bras are off too!), and a little shower is badly needed!

You get yourself ready and into the shower you go... just to realise you have a TON of plastic bottles surrounding you #bummer

What to do? What to do??? Well, not to worry, we can help you!

At reuzi, you will find a wide range of fantastic IRISH MADE shampoo and conditioner bars #supportlocal 

Benefits are endless, with formulas free of chemicals like SLS that make liquid shampoos lather up, ensuring they are more gentle on hair and scalp, while the lack of packaging also means less landfill waste giving these beauts powerful green credentials too.

Their compact size and lightness reduces their carbon footprint so they take up less transportation space than clunky bottles, plus some can be used on the body too (check Milk & Honey by @jannibars - I love it!) making bars even more cost and eco-effective. Another major step forward are the sophisticated formulas by our Uber creative makers – locally produced blends with high quality ingredients + rather sophisticated scents that will surely take your haircare experience to a new level of luxury at pretty friendly prices!

One more thing I just love about bars is the fact that you control how much of it you need more than if you were to squirt it out of a bottle - if you want something cleansing, you use more of the shampoo bar and if want something milder you use less = less waste!

Start today - our haircare bars have natural credentials and will deliver high performance results (I’ve literally tested them all at this point!)

Available in-store and online at www.reuzi.ie 

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