We will not be silent.

We will not be silent.

I haven't been able to let go of the images of Mr. Floyd's last minutes - and I don't think I ever will, to be honest...

For those who don't know, reuzi is an Irish brand made up of a proud family of diverse religions, ethnicities, voices and skin colours - ps: I won't be using the word 'race' as personally, I believe in HUMAN RACE and that's the only race out there, as far as I am aware!

We are extremely privileged to have a voice and a platform and right now, we have a duty to use our influence and community to speak out against racism and injustice.

When you think of sustainability you think of #zerowaste and #plasticfree; you go back to images of marine life suffering due to plastic pollution, serious draughts and floods across the world and the list goes on... and you aren't wrong!

However, a TRUE sustainable planet is one where every single individual has access to equal and fair opportunities.

Where we have access to proper education and healthcare, where we can be ourselves regardless of gender or skin colour, a place where we can simply BE.

When we thrive, the planet does too!

Governments that cannot or will not provide basic services to their people pose a risk to citizens and their HUMAN RIGHTS.

And you may ask - as a business, how do we go about driving change?

✅As a business, we focus on ethically made, sustainably sourced products - we know we have a responsibility to uphold the rights of all people impacted by our business
✅We address human rights in our processes - before joining reuzi, every single one of our partners is asked to provide details on labour conditions amongst other things
✅Our products are curated for PEOPLE - from shades of make-up sold in bulk at our store to skincare products. We are here to serve PEOPLE and that means EVERYBODY out there

As individuals, we are LOUD! I learned the hard way that if something feels uncomfortable (a word, a gesture, an expression), it probably is and that's when we have to call it out loud - THIS IS NOT OK.

We stand for equality and we hope you do too.

Our planet is a special place because we are all different & this is something that should be celebrated!

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