May 4th 2018. 

I had a big 41-week pregnant bump and an even bigger dream.

A bit of background...

I had been working in the corporate world for 18+ years. A successful - if I do say so myself! - career, international experiences and all.

I love the corporate world, I love the rush, the KPI's, the whole thing... but I always knew I wanted to create my own world. A greener one, if possible.

As an individual trying to make better choices, my experience had been quite fragmented.

As a consumer for sustainable goods here in Ireland I struggled to find the stuff I needed.

I had to shop on Amazon (believe it or not!) and other random sites, some farmer markets and small makers.

As I said, the experience was fragmented.

I thought: "If I have this problem, I bet others do too!" and this was when reuzi was born... in my mind, anyway.

Back to May 2018...

We started small, probably 30 products very much focused on essentials - think reusable cups and bottles, lunch boxes and cutlery sets.

Not much at all after all, I was also 'launching' a baby!

--- Conor was born 5 days after our website went live. And I wouldn't have done it any other way. 

From day 1, I never wanted reuzi to be 'only a shop'. I wanted it to be an educational hub, a purpose-driven, activist business.

I was tired of the whole 'buy this because it's cute!'.

I wanted 'you may want to consider this because...' and give people time to consider their purchases based on actual reasons-why.

For instance, why you should carry a reusable water bottle versus buying plastic bottles every single day.

And here we are, 3 years later.

So much has been achieved...

Back in Feb 2020 we revamped our website and we love it!

We also love our HQ based in Foxrock, Dublin 18... It's a small but mighty corner of the world, full of planet-love and creativity.

We love our team and our 100+ Irish business partners and suppliers... we are like one big family, a bunch of friends working together, I can't think of a better 'team'!

So, today is a day to reflect on what's been done and plan for the future - know that we will work really hard to ensure that it's a bright one!

Thanks for your trust and support and here's to the next 3, 13, maybe even 30 years!

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