Vinegar - Who knew it!

Vinegar - Who knew it!

A bottle of vinegar is an essential product to have in our kitchen - from salad dressings to cooking, it helps us big time!

But did you also know that you can use vinegar to clean with?

Vinegar is a natural product which means it’s not harmful to the environment like some industrialised cleaning products. 

Who knew that a basic kitchen ingredient could be so versatile?

Today, I will share my top tips on how to use vinegar to clean stuff around the house!


1) Removing stickers

That was a REVELATION! 

My little 4 year-old is obsessed with stickers - from dinosaurs to stars - and it'd drive me mad to see it around basically everything I owned (funny-not-funny eh!). Well, vinegar came to the rescue and now I use it to remove non-slip stickers. Simply use a sponge or cloth drenched in warm vinegar. The stickers will come off really easily!   


2) Remove limescale

Limescale can be gross, I agree, but it has to be dealt with! And vinegar is your ally when it comes to removing limescale. 

Drench some kitchen towels in vinegar and put it onto the limescale. Leave this to sit for about an hour and then clean it... Voila!

3) Baby clothes

Another super tip that came in very handy over the past few weeks with my newborn baby in the house.

Vinegar works against smelly clothers and it also gets rid of urine. I add a bit of it to our laundry instead of fabric softener.

From baby clothes to my own PJ's (yes, you know accidents happen, right?) - vinegar is my BFF right now.

It also works well for pets pee!


4) Washing machine


Vinegar has a degreasing quality, so it can be really beneficial to pour a bit of it in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. By doing this you’ll prevent soap residue from sticking to the pipes of the machine. And as mentioned above, this natural cleaner is also very effective when it comes to nasty smells, so it can be smart to add some of it to a load of laundry with particularly sweaty clothes.



5) Wool & Cotton

Wool and cotton will become soft and fluffy once more if you use vinegar instead of fabric softener.

I know that there are many more ways to use vinegar around the house so don't be shy and get creative!


Pat x


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