#veganuary - Who's with me?

#veganuary - Who's with me?

Considering joining #veganuary this year? It has never been easier to eat yummy food that aligns with our ethical standards!

Thanks to all the seasonal, plant-based recipes and vegan products that are now out there, keeping our drinks, starters, mains and desserts cruelty-free is simple and tasty... popular supermarkets like @supervalu_irl @dunnesstores and @tescoirl are bringing a wide range of local vegan brands to the market - hats off, lads!

- Packaging is still an issue but hey, we will chat about it on a separate post!

The reality is: Whether you decide to go full-(vegan)-Irish for brekkie, just incorporate one vegan course a day, or even swap a single meat or dairy item for a vegan alternative for life, know that you will be making a difference!

We stock a small range of food products including vegan jellies and the scrumptious @homespun Chicory Root Syrup but thankfully, Ireland is blessed with so many vegan businesses that today I decided to share some of my faves with you.

Brands such as @strongroots + @thanksplants.co + @eatfiid + @glasfoods + @thehappypear + @shoots_and_roots + @mihusalternativevegancheeze + @river_run_ferments + @cashewtreevegancheese + @harrysnutbutter + @gutinstinctprobiotics to name a few have been making my life as a vegan-in-training much easier!


@soulbia @creamofthecropgelato

Being vegan is no longer a matter of only enjoying a few sides! 😋

And if you need a bit more inspiration, check these guys out - @thecarrotstail @veganlife.ie@veganhuns @vegan_eire@vegandvegandublin @vegan_eire@vegmums @veghunks again, to name a few!

These are my personal favourites - what are your favourite vegan brands and products out there?

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