Time to ditch the wrapping paper!

Time to ditch the wrapping paper!

We all want to gift beautifully wrapped pressies but it’s time to rethink using the same ol' rolls of patterned wrapping paper that we’ve all been using for years.

The UK alone gets through 100 million rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas - approximately 227,000 miles of the pretty paper stuff.

That’s enough to wrap the equator nine times... yep, 9 crazy, mad times!

As you’re slumped on the sofa half covered in discarded wrapping paper, while the cat settles down under it for a snooze, it’s tempting to think that it can all be bundled up and shoved in the recycling bin.

Sadly, that’s NOT the case.

The plastic tape, plastic ribbons and metallic or glitter on the paper generally make it impossible to recycle so the only option is landfill or incineration.

Another point is that while we might all print less at work and send less letters, Christmas time sees us all go a little crazy on the paper front.

It’s estimated that approx. 50,000 trees are cut down each year to make enough paper to wrap our presents... just so we can rip it and literally bin it.

The UK’s Committee on Climate Change released a report back in November that said we need to commit to planting twice as many trees by 2020 to help capture carbon and slow down the impact of climate change.

Well, we shouldn't waste it on wrapping paper, capisce?

This year, I am choosing to wrap presents with old mags and newspaper or not to wrap them at all - why not?

What will you do differently this year?

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