When I tell people that I [HEART] shopping pre-loved, I get lots of comments about it. Sometimes folks even mention messy stores and dirty clothes.

Although pre-loved shopping has grown in popularity in recent years, these negative ideas about it remain.

So, to wrap up this year's #SECONDHANDSEPTEMBER I want to dispel some of these ideas by touching on commons myths...

🤓Is pre-loved shopping gross?
Just as there are dirty shops, there are also some really well kept pre-loved shops. That’s the same with any shopping space tbh! One high street shop (think Zara’s, H&M’s) might be out of order but another might be nice and tidy. You shouldn’t judge all thrift stores for the sins of one.

🤓Why go for pre-loved if I can buy new?
Coz our planet’s resources have been extra stretched and that should be a good enough reason! We have too much out there already... Pre-loved shopping can be found, you can’t beat the thrill of finding something unique.

🤓I can never find anything ‘good’...
I usually hear this from those pre-loved shopping once in a blue moon. Trying to search for “good” things at a pre-loved shop defeats the purpose. Instead of searching for good things, search for useful things. And please, go more than once a year 😉

🤓I can only find ‘old stuff’...
We live in a time of fast fashion. People buy clothes and wear them a few times for a season or two before moving on to buy more clothes. Those sort-of ‘old’ clothes get donated quite often so no, it’s not only ‘old’ stuff that goes into a pre-loved shop. It’s common for me to find clothes by good designers with usually a few months to a few years old. Not to mention that some of the pieces even come with their original tags - madness but so common...

My 2c? Go shopping when you have the best chance of an enjoyable experience. I like to go in the mid-week when they first open. Shops are more organised + have less people.

Lastly, try to go with an open mind for what you’ll find. You might find things you like and that you enjoy pre-loved shopping!

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