The importance of being ECO and FRIENDLY

The importance of being ECO and FRIENDLY

We are almost at the end of our Plastic Free July so let's talk about how to be friendly while being eco?

We are all at different stages of our journeys into a more sustainable life and that’s absolutely fine - some are all over their out & about kits, some love a good plastic-free bathroom... the point is: we are trying to be better humans.

We are trying to do better with the tools we have and that’s wonderful!

Every win should be celebrated and I’m a huge fan of respect and camaraderie for one’s journey - we want to meet people “where they are”, we don’t want to point fingers and be cooonstantly highlighting gaps and areas they have to improve - we are no #debbiedowner am I right!

I have recently come across the expression 'calling in' and I just LOVE it!

This is my new favourite thing, and a wonderful tool to help others un-learn outdated social rules - sustainability rules included!

The difference between calling OUT and calling IN is this: calling out is usually about publicly shaming or blaming someone for doing something or for saying something you personally don't agree with, e.g. “Plastic toothbrushes?! You gotta be kidding me, right?”

Calling in is all about engaging in thoughtful discussion, welcoming the person in and offering them a new way to think about things, e.g. “Have you heard of bamboo toothbrushes? I got one and it's just awesome!”

It’s the difference between being judgemental and being collaborative, compreende??

It’s exciting to be in an era of evolution; a new understanding of our planet and its needs - a new understanding of our individual worlds and our very own real needs.

It’s time to value each other’s work and achievements and tackle our planet’s issues as one big team!

And I hope our customers, friends & followers know this: we hear you, you belong here, and your efforts matter - every single one of them, no matter how small 💚

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