The 2021 Ultimate Sustainable Baby Edit

The 2021 Ultimate Sustainable Baby Edit

Introducing the ultimate sustainable baby gift edit for new parents, carers, guardians, proud grandparents, aunties and new uncles.

3 Irish businesses collaborate to create the perfect baby gift edit AND it’s sustainable…The aim is to reshape how we shop for newborns – less plastic, less waste and supporting Irish.

Sharon Keilthy is the founder of Ireland’s eco toy store, Sarah Ouellette is the founder of Europe’s marketplace to rent, buy, and sell premium preloved baby and kids goods and Pat Kane is the founder of Ireland’s one-stop shop for eco-friendly, sustainable products. Together they have combined their stores, their knowledge and experience to create the ultimate sustainable gift edit.


But why… 

Sharon: “When I was pregnant my friend sent me a list – 2 or 3 pages of a Microsoft Word document – and I just bought everything on it. Half of it I never used or used very briefly. We also gratefully received 3x more gifts than we could use, including a lot of plastic. So I’m excited to help parents-to-be, and our babies’ planet, with adorable, useful, and sustainable options for bundles of joy without bundles of waste: natural materials instead of plastic, reusables instead of disposables, and borrowed or pre-loved instead of new.”

Sarah: “When we started buying for our daughter before she was born we found the items we loved were the equivalent to luxury items: incredibly well made, gorgeous design and we loved collecting them. But, when we outgrew them after only a few months we realised they are made for a lifetime so should be passed onto parents who can get as much love from them as we did. Kindora wants to make it easy for new parents to find beautiful, useful preloved items without the hassle.

Pat: “After becoming a mom for the first time, I started to notice the amount of rubbish we were going through every day rising at an alarming rate – from plastic wraps and bottles, to random boxes and let’s not forget about the hundreds of nappies! Adding to that, all the gifts we kindly received from friends and family – a lot of which our baby never got to wear/use! reuzi is my way of contributing to a better world. You can get really sucked into bad news and apocalyptic stuff and feel like you will never be able to change what’s coming or… You can choose to do better, try harder and potentially create a positive chain reaction for those around you.” Products Products 

  • Snoo rental – Renting gives flexibility for new parents and the Snoo is the world’s leading smart cot so everyone can get more precious sleep. Newborns outgrow co-sleepers, moses baskets and cribs fast so why buy when you can rent the best for as long as you need. Rent for €100/month 
  • Preloved pram/buggy – Buying a preloved pram saves over 1000 disposable coffee cups worth of waste.  This is on top of the huge cost savings.  Choose from a curated selection in top condition, either preloved or overstocked (unused!). Prices starting fron €120 
  • Preloved Artipoppe baby carrier-  When it comes to baby carriers, style and safety doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Artipoppe Zeitgeist carriers are a wishlist item for many new parents and buying preloved reduces cost and waste.  Bonus: most come in the original packaging for added unboxing thrills. €290 Products

All products listed are available from, and Gift vouchers are also available. 

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