Sustainable Families - Who's with me?

Sustainable Families - Who's with me?

Whether you are married with children, live with your pet or see your friends as your family... this one is for you.

Families / groups of loved ones can be complex - you like A, they like B and someone else is a fan of C... you know what I mean!

But not to worry, influencing people around us is a task we are willing to face for the sake of our beautiful planet. 

I've mentioned it here before - when we started my family's own journey into a more sustainable lifestyle, we ran a rubbish audit...

Other ways to present our current challenges and hopefully increase awareness and interest can be:

- Lead by (silent) example - Make the changes you want to make, and be seen doing them. If someone asks you what's the story with your new toothbrush or something like that, have a soft convo to explain the reasons behind it!
- Don't judge - Be open to conversations, but don't shove them down people's throats (I can't think of anything worst than that!)
- Embrace 'ISH' - Let's be honest, no one is perfect, no one is 'zero' - at least I haven't met the 'perfect zero waster'!. Accept that there'll always be a degree of compromise. If I didn't have a family, I think I'd be pretty hardcore but this isn't my life and that's ok. I will continue to strive to do my very best!
- No assumptions - People don't necessarily know why something's 'bad' or all about the horrendous stuff happening out there. Don't assume they know. Take them on the journey with you
- Watch documentaries together - My starter kit would be 'Blue The Movie', 'Blue Planet II', 'True Cost Movie', 'Before the Flood' and 'Story of Stuff'

I hope you get the idea and as always, get in touch if you need any help at all!