Sustainable Business of the Year!

Sustainable Business of the Year!

reuzi is the Winner of the Sustainable Business of the Year award category in the Digital Business Ireland | permanent tsb National Digital Awards 2021! 

We are a business born from and mostly built on the digital world. We launched as a website in May 2018 with 8 suppliers and a strong DIY spirit - hands up if you ever had to build a website carrying a large 37+ weeks pregnant bump around!!

And through hard work and the support of our online community we got to experience the bricks & mortar world too with the launch of our stores in Foxrock, Terenure and most recently, our concession at Joyce's Supermarkets in Co. Galway - always with a mission to make the world more conscious + less wasteful.

Our website and our social media channels have been home to panels, celebrations, conversations and even, skincare classes! Through this digital world we got to meet most of our team and a bunch of new partners, we came up with ideas and collaborations and we continue to learn from the very best humans out there, every single day.

We have been fighting really hard to keep our mission alive over these incredibly trying past 2 years and I am so very proud, and incredibly emotional, to I see our reuzi being recognised amongst so many fantastic businesses.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past almost four years, to our team (past + present!) and all of our suppliers. I am so proud of all of the positive impact we have made together and so humbled to be a part of this growing community.

A big thanks to the team behind the Digital Business Ireland – permanent tsb National Digital Awards event, I just wasn't expecting that one at all!

Quite simply, the breadth of digital talent in Ireland is inspiring, and it just a privilege to be a part of this universe.

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