Sustainability Tips by @sustainabae

Sustainability Tips by @sustainabae

The question was "What are your main tips for someone who's trying to live a greener live?".

The answer? Oooh, keep reading... :)

1) Biodegradable trash bags so your trash can decompose in a matter of months, instead of 500 years. Now your first question might be, "where they heck do I get those?" The answer is easier than you might expect. Drumroll... they're on Amazon (of course) and they're actually cheaper than the terrible plastic ones.

2) Ask for a glass at Starbucks. You may be thinking, "wait I can do that?" And the answer is heck yes! Enjoy your morning coffee in the store and request a glass or mug to avoid the environmental death trap of single-use plastics.

3) Buy a plant and keep it alive. Plants absorb dangerous CO2 in the air and turn it into clean oxygen. The more plants we have, the cleaner the air we breath.

4) Reselling your clothes vs. donating. Did you know that 85% of donated clothes end up in landfills? Try re-selling them instead to your local thrift store or online on platforms like Ebay, Relovv, or Depop.

5) Shopping second hand, or renting clothes not only saves you lots of money, but it is also 72% less wasteful than wearing new. It's easy because you no longer need to trek to the thrift shop or spend hours sifting. You can shop online in seconds from companies like ThredUp, Rent the Runway, and Relovv. As for finding what you like, they also make that easy. For example, on Relovv, take a 1 minute style quiz and get matched to items in your size, style, and budget.

Alex nailed, hasn't she?

Simple yet super effective ways to reduce your impact on our beloved planet and a few fun ideas too!


About Alex:

In the words of Christine Hunsicker who sold her first company to Yahoo for $850 million, "Alex will eat through a wall." Born in shopping paradise, Los Angeles, to a long line of sustainability entrepreneurs, Alex has always been passionate about conscious fashion. While in college at Boston University, Alex  created a hobby-website called UNItiques to be a fun way for girls on campus to share closets. She was shocked when it spread to 600 campuses, and the demand from members outside of college continued to grow.  Meanwhile, Alex was recognized as the "Face of Sustainability," as well as awarded the "Best New Venture" of 16,000 students, which got the attention of Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, College Fashionista, and even TV show Project Runway Startup on Lifetime. After graduating, Alex made it her mission to spread "relovving" fashion beyond the campus. She began developing Relovv, taking all the best pieces from UNItiques and combining them with new, unique features. Relovv launched in October 2018, and has been quickly backed by the prestigious Techstars Venture Accelerator.  After launching Relovv, Alex was personally certified by Former Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, and is hailed as a speaker at world-class universities nationwide, including Harvard.

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