SUPPORT LOCAL.... It's now or never!

SUPPORT LOCAL.... It's now or never!

Having my own businesses, I can personally confirm that I do a little dance when a family or friends buy one of reuzi's products or recommend my strategist services to a business leader they know, but that doesn’t mean that these are the only times I do a happy dance... I also dance-like-there's-no-tomorrow when I see them show my businesses some love! 💃

The thing is - maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you simply aren’t into what your friend is offering, but there are still many ways to support them and make them do a little happy dance too.

With the world's economy being so fragile (and plain scary, tbh!) right now, I thought I'd share a few ways you can support your friend’s business without spending a cent...

🤓Follow their business on social channels

🤓Like / comment / save their posts

🤓Share posts and Stories that strike a chord with you

🤓Tag them when you’re with them

🤓Tag them when you see something relevant for their biz

🤓Leave a positive review on TrustPilot or Google

🤓Promote them in conversation

🤓Represent them!

Big hug,


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