Simplicity is key!

Simplicity is key!

I've been discussing Plastic Free July with a bunch of pretty awesome women.

Women from different backgrounds, different walks of life and even different nationalities. Some are moms like me, some are younger than me, some of them are women in business and some are SAHM... the list goes on...

Basically, I am curious to find out what Plastic Free July means to the different women out there and how they are pursuing a more sustainable way of living while raising families, studying or running a business.

I’ll take time to list the lessons learned but one of the most interesting parts of it all is that their answers could be summarised in one simple quote - "do what you can with what you have but DO SOMETHING NOW!"

We have no time to waste, our planet needs us more than ever - isn't that so true?

One of the incredible women I have spoken to was the extraordinary Finn from 

Finn's approach to sustainability is quite similar to mine - straight forward and fuss-free 

Finn believes that with simple yet significant actions we can change the world! 

Finn has kindly shared two of her top tips using what you already have at home to reduce the impact you generate on our planet - and I just love them! So simple but SO spot on!

🌱Use white spirit vinegar for many different things (that lots of people know about like clearing drains or washing windows), but one of the lesser known things is to use it as a natural fabric softener (added to the machine exactly as you would a typical commercial brand)
🌱Another one, again on fabric, is chop up old t-shirts or towels into big squares and keep a bag of these hanging by the kitchen sink in place of kitchen towel, when they're use they just go in the wash. Rinse and repeat!

Aren't they just great?

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