Shampoo Bars - Are you ready for this?

Shampoo Bars - Are you ready for this?

Thinking about switching to a shampoo bar? You’ve come to the right place!

Shampoo bars are a great way to embrace sustainable lifestyle choices and they are one of the easiest steps to a plastic-free bathroom.

- They use up less water

- They have a smaller carbon footprint

- They come in compostable packaging

But are shampoo bars better for your hair?

There’s always a bit of risk when trying a new hair or skincare product. The best shampoo bar should be easy to lather up and rinse out with minimal water. It should leave your hair feeling clean – note: the shampoo bars available at reuzi do not require the so dreaded ‘transition period’ so rest assure your hair will feel soft, healthy and nourished! 

Overall, the right shampoo bar is better for both your hair and the planet as it’s free of plastics and harsh chemicals.

How to use them

To use them, you can either lather up the bar in your wet hands and massage the suds into your wet hair or gently wet the bar and apply it to wet hair, rubbing it in circular motions until you have enough lather to massage into your hair and scalp – the latter is my fave way of doing it!

Should you use a conditioner after a shampoo bar?

It’s a good idea to condition your hair after using a shampoo bar as you would after the liquid version.

One exception is if the bar specifies that you don’t need a conditioner.

Conditioners help to replenish moisture and give ends a bit of TLC.

There are also conditioner bars available at reuzi if you don’t want to use liquid versions.

How to store shampoo bars

To make sure the shampoo bar lasts, keep it out of direct water flow and sunlight.

Ideally, put it on a soap dish that has holes to allow it to air dry. You can get dishes that sit by the bath, or you can get ones that suction onto the wall or clip onto your shower. 

If you're taking it away, store it in a metal or bioplastic tin or wrap it in a beeswax/soy wrap.

Hope this was useful & looking forward to hearing about your transition to shampoo & conditioner bars!

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