Shall we talk about... s3x?

Shall we talk about... s3x?

S3X. Oh yeah, we are talking about it...

Can s3x be sustainable?

❤️‍🔥Johnny be good

First up, condoms. We know that condoms are a great invention but they aren’t all created equal! If you do have the time + ability to choose where your condom comes from, here’s some info. Conventional condoms are made with parabens, plastics, nitrosamines, and they’re often packaged in plastic, shiny boxes. So, as always do your research! Look for condoms that are made with natural rubber based latex, and with no fragrances, carcinogens, spermicides, BPAs, or GMOs. Check out our Hanx range for biodegradable (but not instantly!) condoms... Ps: The UN Population Fund estimates c. 10 billion male latex condoms are manufactured each year and most are disposed of in landfills... #f*ckme

❤️‍🔥Lub it up!

Instead of buying packaged, synthetic lub, look for a natural, water-based one free of synthetic ingredients. There are many out there, but look for ones that are in a rigid glass or recyclable plastic container, not a squeeze tube as those will not be recycled. Again, check the Hanx range for help on that front.


Eco vibrators (oh yeah, they exist!) are a great way to bring on the vibes (ha!), without harming the environment. Eco vibrators are made from starch-based bioplastic and are 100% body-safe, biodegradable, and even recyclable!

❤️‍🔥Let us pLay!

S3x toys are another area where the use of plastic is widespread. Steel or glass alternatives are available, while the option of buying rechargeable toys also helps reduce waste. There are even solar powered s3x toys on the market... Purchasing ethically made lingerie and clothing are also good ideas.

❤️‍🔥It's all about that... bed!

If you can, choose sheets and pillows ethically made from natural fibres - @whiteandgreen and @conscious_convert are good places to start.

Cheers to planet positive s3x! 🙌🏼

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