reuzi @ Joyce's Supermarket, Co. Galway by Business Spirit Platform

reuzi @ Joyce's Supermarket, Co. Galway by Business Spirit Platform

Did you hear that over 120 of our sustainable living products, from shampoo bars to reusable cups, are available at Joyce’s Supermarket Knocknacarra store in Galway?

Yep, that's right!

This unique collaboration is the first time for us two, independent Irish businesses, join forces with the aim to make it easier for customers to choose sustainable alternatives on a larger scale.

Joyce’s Supermarket has been planning to bring more eco-friendly and sustainable choices for their customer over the last couple of years.

"Partnering with reuzi has allowed us to stock over 100 new sustainable products and also tap into the fantastic knowledge of Pat Kane and her team, learning more about what contribution we can make to the environmental cause but also using our platform to help educate the community in which we operate. We are just starting on our journey but are excited to see what difference we can all make," says Aisling Joyce, Operations Director of Joyce’s Supermarket.

The Dublin-based minimal waste store, reuzi, founded by Pat Kane sustainability educator, writer and speaker, aims to spread the word about sustainability while promoting ethically sourced, eco-friendly products to enable change.

Kane highlights the advantages of this special cooperation: “At reuzi, we believe sustainable living should be straightforward and accessible, and our friends at Joyce's agreed with us. As an independently owned and operated Irish business, we are truly delighted to be joining forces with the team at Joyce's to bring Galway and surroundings the best of sustainable living. We’re proud to say this partnership is grounded in our shared values of sustainability.”

Providing quality fresh food with a friendly and personal service to local communities and surrounding areas at nine locations in Galway have made Joyce's Supermarket well-known in the area.

With this initiative, the family-run retail chain can become a trailblazer in promoting sustainability while supporting locally made natural products.

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