reuzi Gifting

reuzi Gifting

reuzi Gifting is a eco-conscious and hassle-free way of gifting

From gift sets for businesses to birthday party goody bags, we can help!

But why choose eco-conscious gifting?

As you will know, the market of 'merch' or 'swag' AKA gifting products is vastly made of what's known as greenwashing...

'Recyclable This', 'Biodegradable That'... well, we've all been there!

If you've attended conferences in the past, I am sure you have walked out of the event with your hands full of rather useless stuff...

Yet, brands continue to buy and offer 'the useless stuff' - think plastic bottles, ugly string bags and a ton of plastic pens and whatnot!

By choosing the 'same old same old', businesses accept that negative social and environmental impacts happen, leaving us with a pile of rubbish that's badly harming our environment...

At reuzi, we source the most beautiful and sustainable products that celebrate humans + planet.

If you are looking for gifting options that live up to our planet, well... we can help

Get in touch today via and let's get working on your request!

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