Reusable Cups & Mugs

Reusable Cups & Mugs

Last week, I met Sorcha from The Conscious Cup Campaign for the first time.

Hearing her talking about the challenges regular people as well as businesses face when trying to go green was fantastic!

The Conscious Cup Campaign started in late 2016, founded by a bunch of highly engaged people who met through a zero waste group on Facebook.

Their aim is to reduce / eliminate single-use cups in Ireland by encouraging individuals to swap to reusable cups and also by getting in touch with shops and cafes to offer discounts to customers carrying their own reusable cups.

The don't push you to get a certain type of cup - any cup is game, as long as it's reusable.

It's important to say that they don't encourage compostable cups - it's all about reuse, people!!

I wanted to write about them as they have this incredible tool on their website where you can find cafes in Ireland & UK offering discounts for those carrying their own cup around.

Check this out:

This map will be soon updated with new locations so save it in your bookmarks and check for those cafes close to your home and work... saving a few bucks never tasted so good :-)

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