#recyclewithreuzi - Soft Plastics

#recyclewithreuzi - Soft Plastics

I've been receiving a ton of messages from customers and followers reporting that a few creches out there were demanding kids' lunches to be packed in single-use plastic bags versus reusable lunch boxes and containers.

And you may ask - why are you so upset about it??

Well, I know that some people still think that bags such as Ziploc single-use bags are recyclable just because they are “plastic” but hey, they are not! You can wash and reuse them but how many people will actually do that? They aren't the easiest thing to wash!

Soft plastics such as Ziploc bags cannot be recycled in Ireland.

A few recycling centres do accept them but the reality is: they won’t be recycled. They will most likely be incinerated.

To be clear, a few examples of non-recyclable soft plastics are: the film around a fruit punnet, bags for dry goods like rice and pasta, cling film, crisp and sweet wrappers... and plastic bags!

These items can contaminate your green bin and cause huge problems for recyclers trying to sort household recycling bin waste at waste facilities so yes, I have a HUGE problem with Ziploc bags.

If you are unclear if a certain item falls into that category, well.. get in touch - we can help!

And please remember: refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and repurpose should ALWAYS come before recycle 

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