#recyclewithreuzi - Salad Bags

#recyclewithreuzi - Salad Bags

I have recently paid a large supermarket chain a visit for the first time in 6+ months and I was like "OMG!" by the wide range of salad bags available. 

Well, folks, convenience is certainly “a thing” and guess what? It ain’t easy to let go of it... it’s our #1 frenemy, isn’t that so? We try our best but then we are always on the go and what harm can a little salad bag make? Well...

Ok, I sound like a major Debbie Downer today but that’s because pre-prepared bags of salad can't be recycled.

Soft plastics, remember?

Soft plastics are poorly marked as non-recyclables and that’s part of the problem as more often than not, this type of packaging will end up in a green bin somewhere...

Enough Negative Nancy for today.. let’s get practical!

Next time you are out, ingredient-hunting for your next big bowl of green dreams, consider buying the actual lettuce (or whatever leafy greens you love!).

Farmer markets and veggie boxes such as @greenearthorganics1 and @harvestday.ie offer fantastic plastic-free, organically grown options too so give them a try... anything but soft plastics, ok?

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