Quick Chat on Water Footprint

Quick Chat on Water Footprint

Most of our daily activities require water... and now more than ever - WASH YO HANDS!

But no, I am not only talking about the water you drink or the water used to cook your food...

For instance, think of the water used to grow your non-organic cotton tee - cotton is a very thirsty plant hence some great alternatives out there such as hemp or bamboo! - or to wash your clothes.

All of that water makes up your WATER FOOTPRINT.

But how can you reduce the amount of water you consume (not talking about the water you drink eh! Keep that going!!)?

Well, get to know your very own footprint first - I checked www.watercalculator.org for a broad overview of my own consumption.

But even without looking at it, there is a bunch of things you can do to reduce your direct water footprint:

💧turning off the tap while brushing your teeth
💧using water-saving toilets
💧only flush when needed i.e.: let it ‘mellow’
💧installing a water-saving shower head
💧taking shorter showers
💧only washing your clothes when truly necessary
💧fixing household leaks
💧using less water in the garden and when cleaning
💧only washing your car if truly needed - I will never understand why people wash their cars when the forecast is rain for a month!

There you go! I’d love to hear your water-saving ideas so please do share them here!

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