Plastic-Free Periods - A few facts by &SISTERS

Plastic-Free Periods - A few facts by &SISTERS

We have partnered with the incredible women at @andsistersukto bring you some eye-opening information and a pretty awesome competition - it’s all about #plasticfree periods today, ladies (and gents, because, yes, you gotta learn 'these things' too!).

The bottom line is: by making a few simple changes to our routine & habits, we can make a huge and positive difference!

But enough chatting now, check this out!

- 80% of women believe, wrongly!, that their existing period products are made from cotton
- The average women uses up between 10,000 to 17,000 disposable period products in her lifetime
- Many 'conventional' period products can contain up to 90% crude oil plastics #horrifying
- Many 'conventional' period products still use chlorine bleaching and contain perfumes and super-absorbent polymers (aka plastic!) as well as other nasties, which can cause irritation and dryness
- A 'conventional' period pad box can contain the equivalent of 5 plastic carrier bags #WTF
- Tampons, pads and liners shouldn't be flushed down the toilet, although 50% of women admit to flushing tampons!
- The &SISTERS range is Soil Association certified organic cotton. Their cotton is PH-Neutral, hypoallergenic and naturally breathable and their products are free from pesticides and herbicides
- The &SISTERS nüdie period cup lasts up to 10 years and helps save 2,000 disposable period products in its lifespan - it’s a no-brainer, right?

If you haven't tried a period cup or plastic-free products, check them out - our planet deserves it! x

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