One more on... Plastic Recycling

One more on... Plastic Recycling

You sort your recyclables, leave them to be collected and then what?

A peer-reviewed journal Science Advances study reveals that the vast majority of plastic produced (c. 90%!) is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter…

Mixed materials make recycling even more difficult!

Did you know that a bunch of different products contain several layers of different plastics? And because each plastic has to be recycled separately, these products are not easily recyclable - if recyclable at all! For example: crisps packets and sweet wrappers, yoghurt containers, ready-meal boxes, etc.

Also, virgin (aka new) plastic is produced from ultra cheap crude oil. Recycling is an expensive process - collection, cleaning, processing. The price of virgin PET has fallen to $500-600 a tonne, while the price of recycled PET is $1000 a tonne.

So how can we help?

Using reusables would be seem obvious but yet could make us feel like is it enough when it certainly isn’t… Refusing a plastic bottle or a coffee cup might not save the world, but are stepping stones towards a broader behavioural change in each of us #mindsetshift 🤓

On that behaviour note, I’d like to invite you to dig a bit deeper AKA do your research when it comes to the products you bring into your home - even our wardrobes are packed with the dreaded P!

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