News Alert | Max Benjamin X reuzi

News Alert | Max Benjamin X reuzi

Ireland' throwaway culture continues to generate major levels of... you guess, waste!

According to the EPA, back in 2018 the quantity of household waste generated in Ireland equated to 325kg per person... And the thing is, the more current data (2019/2020) shows these trends have continued, while there is evidence of a considerable increase in household waste generation due to Covid-19... think of all of the disposable stuff people are brining into their lives now... tiny hand sani plastic bottles, masks, visors and gloves!

And that's why I am constantly talking about how we should all try to make better, more conscious choices - from the clothes we wear to how we design our home. 

Talking about our home, I partnered with Irish brand Max Benjamin to talk about sustainable living and how we can still have beautiful, ethically made things that don't cost the Earth.

Max Benjamin is an Irish family business and the Wicklow mountains are one of their main sources of inspiration. 

The folks at Max Benjamin use natural waxes in their candles, soya and coconut, as these would be more environmentally friendly and produce a cleaner burn than paraffin wax - I am always getting asked what the story with soy wax is so there you go! 

Their wicks are made from lead free Italian cotton and their wooden diffuser reeds are sustainably sourced.

But what I truly love about their range is that both their candle and diffuser vessels are glass and fully recyclable and they have refill options available across most of their ranges to help people like you and I reuse their vessels, aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The refill cups are biodegradable and climate neutral which is just the cherry on top!

You can find Max Benjamin’s refillable options at and at



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