New Partner - Welcome EATTO!

New Partner - Welcome EATTO!

Welcome to reuzi, @eatto_ie

Eatto is the latest brand to join our family - handmade meals, frozen from fresh, made in Dublin on 100% sustainable packaging.

With the demands of today’s world, trying to get a nutritious, healthy dinner on the table can be a real challenge... tell me about it!

I often find myself wondering, "If only I had the main element of dinner to hand, for example a little lentil bolognese, dinner prep would be so much easier and quicker...".

When the team at Eatto paid us a visit, I realised that my working-mom-busy-AF dreams had just come true!

A bunch of Irish classics with a twist, healthy and fresh, ready to delight the little bellies around my house in a few minutes - what's not to love?

But wait, there's more... Sustainability is at the heart of everything Eatto does.

All of their packaging - 100% of it! - is fully compostable and/or recyclable.

Ingredients are mostly Irish and always when possible sourced from local artisan businesses - #supportlocal is one of Eatto's main pillars.

They have a load of veggie / vegan options so guess who’s really happy? (Me! Me! Me!)

Curious? We have Eatto's entire range available in-store and we will soon have a range of meal deal boxes available online too.

If you are not near our store and can't wait to try Eatto, check and use the voucher code FROZENFROMFRESH at checkout to receive a special little treat #whynot

I’ve been having a love affair with their veggie lasagna and their sticky toffee pudding - unreal flavors!

Enjoy it!

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