#myzerowastelife series - Cloth Nappies

#myzerowastelife series - Cloth Nappies

If I had one euro for everytime someone told me that I wouldn’t stick to using the cloth nappies, or said that it’s too much work, or I’d end up poking my baby with a pin or get fed up with boiling the nappies….well, I’d have enough money to buy some more cloth nappies!

My baby is only 7 months old now, so I’m fairly new to the world of cloth nappies, but so far my husband and I think they are great. 

We decided to use them (well, I did and I convinced him!) for a few reasons... 

Firstly, knowing the impact disposable nappies have on the environment, I didn’t want to contribute to that - doesn’t it take about 500 years in a landfill for a disposable nappy to decompose? 

Secondly, I didn’t want toxins that are in the nappies to be on my baby’s skin (take a look at some of those ingredients and you will probably agree). 

Thirdly, who wants to be rushing out to the shop at bedtime because there’s no more nappies left and literally throwing money in the bin every day. 

By using cloth nappies you can save a good bit of money if you’re prepared to do just a little bit of extra work.

The cloth nappy routine is actually very easy, an extra load of washing every 2 or 3 days, sure with the amount of washing you have to do anyway when you have a family you’d hardly notice one extra load! 

 It’s seriously that easy, store the nappies in a bag or bin until you’re ready to wash them, put them on for a rinse, then a full 60 ° wash with bio detergent. 

I do an extra rinse at the end and that’s it... Hang them to dry and they’re ready to go!

If you’re interested in starting cloth nappies, look up Cloth Nappy Library Ireland.  

You can rent a set of different kinds to try out before you buy. 

And there are lots of Facebook groups out there for support, buying and selling pre- loved nappies.

My advice is not to let anyone put you off trying, and it certainly can’t hurt to try! 

Also take a look at how cute the babies are with the fluffy bums. 

And at the end of the day, if you think it’s not for you, there are disposable nappies that are biodegradable and promise no nasties on your baby’s bum.

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