Life (without) plastic is fantastic!

Life (without) plastic is fantastic!

Going low plastic in a high plastic world…

Some days it seems impossible, even now, after so many years trying hard to be so good, but then I learn a new thing, find a new way, find another biz making their packaging from post consumables so virgin plastic wasn't used or some other cool compostable material and think: 'Yay! I can do this & there’s hope!’.

Plastic is a precious resource and we need to be smart about keeping it to areas that are absolutely necessary for both hygiene and efficacy.

It's really important not to feel like you've 'failed' if you need a medicine that comes in plastic or IV in plastic – believe me, I've seen people worry about those, and to that, I say NO.

Precious resource for when we need it? Fine.

There's “save the day” and then there’s “day-to-day”, and I am a huge believer in doing the absolute best you can to avoid the latter but cutting yourself some slack, at times - for your sanity* - when things are beyond your control.

*We need you sane and motivated to keep doing your bit!

No need to lecture your pal on cling film - just invite them to your place instead and 'casually be wrapping leftovers' in some beeswax wraps and let them be curious and ask ‘what's up with the bowl covers’?

Then you've been invited to share instead of being a pushy sharer…

➖Big difference in how ideas are received, when it comes to how they're shared!

My goal will always be to ditch all the plastic we were sold on the ‘convenience promise’ - a promise we know unfortunately, hurts the planet, our wildlife, and our health.

It's time to go low, don't you think?

So let's do it, let's get some swaps happening, let’s nail those small changes!

See you later, cling film!
Hasta la vista, Ziploc!

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