How to Buy Less as a Parent

How to Buy Less as a Parent

It has never been easier to swap, sell and share kids' clothes, accessories, toys and equipment.

It saves you money and saves the planet, happy days!

Did you know that carbon footprint of a child is estimated to be 58.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year?! Crazy, eh?

And hardly surprising when it comes down to the amount of stuff kids need as they grow, from buggies to school bags, toys and so much, soooo much more!

Gone are the days though when you have to buy - and keep - everything.

The sharing economy is really taking off amongst parents who want to reduce their impact on the planet, declutter and sharing the things we already have with those that can get more use of them. Are you ready to join us? :-)

Good products are made to last and we can't stand the idea of sending a perfectly fine clothing item or music equipment to landfill just because our kids are growing up... so, we have decided to share!

Putting products up on social media or on websites like Adverts, DoneDeal is always a good way to find old items a new home.

My favourite Facebook groups are:

  • Zero Waste Baby/Children Freecycle Ireland
  • Zero Waste Freecycle Ireland
  • Dublin Family Friendly Freecycle
  • Dublin Mamas Helping Hand Free Stuff
  • Free Stuff in Ireland

We are also huge fans of the chic "Hands-Me-Down Boutique", sure why not!

Swapping clothing, toys and more with friends and family is so much fun!

I've even seen places abroad where you can rent kids' clothing - think of those little girl's party dresses that will hardly be worn after one occasion... how cool would it be to rent it instead of buying?

Ps: Did you know renting your children's clothes could reduce their water and carbon footprint by 75%? Research has shown that if we extend the life of clothes by just three months it could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by around 10%, so think about clothes that are rented four or five times!

Next time you are out on the hunt for a winter jacket, school uniforms or a toy set, give second-hand a chance.


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