Guest Blog - The Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Dry Cleaning by The Laundry Press

Guest Blog - The Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Dry Cleaning by The Laundry Press

I've been looking for an eco-friendly way to dry clean a few garments and I am only delighted to have found The Laundry Press.

So much so that I've invited them to share their story with us!


The eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional dry cleaning

The Laundry Press is a small Irish dry cleaning company aiming to change the way that Dublin does laundry and dry cleaning. The Laundry Press’s eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning processes offer a modern alternative to traditional dry cleaning known as wet cleaning.

What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a safer, healthier, and higher-quality alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Traditional dry cleaning is in fact not dry, it involves soaking clothes in toxic chemicals to remove stains and other marks. The Laundry Press’s main method of cleaning known as wet cleaning involves no toxic chemicals, pure water, and lightly scented bio-detergent. This method of cleaning is not only safer but also very effective on stain and odour removal. By eliminating harsh toxins their process does not stiffen materials, erode colouring, or leave a chemical smell on your items.


How exactly does it work?

Step 1 Spot cleaning: When an order arrives at The Laundry Press’s cleaning facility the cleaners at The Laundry Press examine the order for any stains or other marks. They then treat the stains or mark by spot cleaning with one of their non-toxin cleaning agents.

Step 2 Machine washing: After spot cleaning the order goes through The Laundry Press’s eco-friendly cleaning machines. These machines are specially designed for less consumption of water, energy and emissions.

Step 3 Drying and pressing: The order is then either put in a specialist drying machine or hung to dry (depending on the care label). Finally, The Laundry Press’s professional pressers hand press the order to ensure a perfect finish.

According to The Laundry Press this is why they chose this approach to cleaning

“We decided to take this approach to cleaning as the traditional dry cleaning process involves chemicals that are harsh on garments, skin, and the environment. The most common chemical used in the traditional process is known as PERC which is classified as an environmental and health hazard, being banned in France and some parts of the US (unfortunately for us not yet in Ireland). This chemical has been used since the 1950s and is no longer necessary in the year 2021. Exposure to the chemical can occur from working directly with the chemical or bringing dry cleaned items into your home that were cleaned using the chemical. Here at The Laundry Press, we envision a future where the laundry and dry cleaning industry in Ireland is more health, family-friendly and planet-friendly oriented”.

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