Guest Blog - Sustainable Decluttering Tips by Talathy O'Sullivan @super_sorted

Guest Blog - Sustainable Decluttering Tips by Talathy O'Sullivan @super_sorted

Would you like to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

The decluttering process can help.

During the decluttering process, not only do you shift all that excess stuff from your home, your mindset shifts as well. 

While decluttering, you become more aware of your possessions. How much you own, why you have it, where it came from, and why you were keeping it. You start to evaluate what is a necessity and what adds value to your life.

This can inspire you to consume less. Purchases tend to be fewer and longer-lasting thus saving you money, time, energy, and space. Reduced consumption helps the environment by lessening what goes into our landfills and decreases emissions and waste caused by the production of goods.

Things you can do today to be more sustainable:

Donate things you are not using. Holding onto something does not make it useful. The money was spent already and it does not do you any favours by keeping it tucked away in a closet. Someone else will be thrilled with your item you discarded and you will be more mindful about your purchases in the future.

Keep only what you have space for. Setting yourself limits keeps the clutter at bay. Allow a certain amount of hangers in the closet, if something new comes in then something has to go.  Use a basket to store your child’s teddies, if it gets full it’s time to do an edit to decide what stays and what goes. Keep only as many books that fit neatly on your shelf.

Say no to freebies. How many ‘free’ water bottles, pens, key chains or tote bags do you have taking up space in your home? These items are generally the first things to be decluttered. Send companies the message by saying no when offered these types of items.

Borrow or rent rather than buy items that are used rarely. Is it worth buying a new cake tin when you are only going to use it once? Other items worth renting/borrowing from friends and family are; suitcases, sports or camping equipment, folding chairs, extra cutlery for entertaining, or dresses for special occasions.

Replace single-use items with reusable items. Plastic zip lock bags can be replaced with reusable silicone bags. You can eliminate plastic cling film from your kitchen by using cotton tea towels to cover bowls or bees wax wraps. Instead of using fabric softener use wool dryer balls. Reusable cotton rounds can replace disposable make up remover pads.

Reuse what you have. You don’t always need to buy fancy products to be organised. Repurposing glass jars can be just as beautiful as store bought containers. Cardboard boxes can become drawer dividers. Suitcases when not in use make great storage space. 

Decluttering can create a more relaxed environment and bring you sense of peace and calm. By keeping only the items that you use and what you truly love, you become more mindful about your consumption.


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