Guest Blog - 'Ethical & Irish Fashion, Let's Help?' by Tainted Lemons Original @tainted_lemons_original

Guest Blog - 'Ethical & Irish Fashion, Let's Help?' by Tainted Lemons Original @tainted_lemons_original

I love a good new find - mainly when it local & sustainable...

So without further ado, lemme introduce you to Tainted Lemons Original. An Irish brand striving to launch a truly sustainable collection and I am just delighted to be able to somehow, support them. How exciting is that!



We are Tainted Lemons Original, an exciting new sustainable clothing company based in beautiful Ireland.

We were inspired to start our own ethical clothing business when we realised how dissatisfied we were with the very few sustainable clothing options out there.

We tick all the right boxes; slow fashion, small batch production, ethically made clothing, sustainable material, environmentally friendly packaging, one tree planted for every purchase and implementing our own circular system.

We have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund our sustainable business idea.

On the Kickstarter page you can pre-order our lovely sweaters which are made from 100% recycled material or you can simply donate as little as €1 to help us reach our goal.

Our aim and mission are to be as sustainable as we can possibly be and to offer a viable alternative to the environmentally damaging fast fashion.

Support our cause to make this world more sustainable, ethical, and green.

Follow us on Instagram @tainted_lemons_original to keep up-to-date with everything we are doing!

Emma & Niamh,

Tainted Lemons Original

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