Eco Bum Bums!

Eco Bum Bums!

You don’t need to be a pro “eco-warrior” (oh how much I dislike this term!) to feel guilty about the amount of plastic packaging out there… if you are here with us, you care and you are trying your best - that’s a fact!

In Ireland, we throw ‘away’ 1,000,000 disposable nappies every day … let that sink in

And here’s a frightening fact: The very first disposable nappy, introduced in the 60’s, is probably still out there, in the ground, intact. If so, it will remain there for perhaps another 400 / 500 years before it starts to break down.

It's hard to put a figure on the % of landfill made up of nappies, but according to the Irish Times, in Ireland it's estimated at anywhere between 3% and 6% - and that’s a figure from 2004…

Many of us parents are growing uncomfortable with the idea that our children are the cause of so much waste, especially waste made up of stubborn plastic and synthetic chemicals all filled with… well, you know what!

An average child gets through 1,500 nappies a year before potty training. If you consider that last year, 61,000 children were born in Ireland… well, let that sink in, part 2...

Solutions are widely available these days - cloth wipes are becoming more and more popular and affordable and with stores like ours and incredible people like @clothnappylibraryireland , the transition is totally doable! 

A few tips for new starters can be found here:

Have fun & get in touch if you want to chat more about it - I am always happy to talk :)


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