Earth Day Musings...

Earth Day Musings...

And talking about 'worth'...

The theme of World Earth Day 2022 is 'Invest in our Planet' calling for businesses to shift towards sustainable practices… please and thank you, we love that!

This movement is expected to change the business climate, the political climate, and how to take the action on the climate.

Achieving a sustainable future through growing green, ethical and profitable businesses and corporations is its main motto.

But how do you, as an individual, INVEST in our planet?

i) YOUR TIME: You can’t fix something you don’t understand so try identifying your own downfalls e.g: what habits of yours are generating most waste? Can you find better ways of doing what you love doing? Also, can you share your experience with loved ones? Can you get them involved somehow? We love the idea of what we call the ‘Sharing Economy’ AKA “a peer-to-peer based sharing of access to goods and services, which are facilitated by a community-based online platform like social channels and WhatsApp… it should be the norm but it isn’t - let’s make it happen?? For instance, the general idea of sharing and borrowing, instead of purchasing new, is certainly a good practice toward a more considerate and also budget-friendly consumption!

ii) YOUR MONEY: Use your power - The Power of One - AKA your wallet wisely! Make those daily spending decisions more sustainable, on food, stuff in our homes, fashion and even banking… support local, sustainable businesses, businesses that are going the extra mile to create a better world - fauna, flora & humans included, of course!

For Earth Day 2022 and always, we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).

It’s going to take all of us. All in!

Businesses, governments, and citizens - everyone accounted for, and, most importantly, everyone accountable.

Powerful partnerships for the planet.

Let every breath, every word, and every step make Mother Earth proud of us.

#teamreuzi wishes everyone a very Happy Earth Day!

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