Cost-Free Zero Waste Tips

Cost-Free Zero Waste Tips

Here are a few tips that I found really useful back when I started my own journey…

 1) Skip plastic bottles – by all means, drink loads of water & stay hydrated! You can do that by using a reusable water bottle, but you can also easily use empty watertight glass jars that are lying around and use that to bring water and other beverages with you.

2) Say NO… NO to plastic straws, NO to disposable napkins, NO to plastic utensils, NO to disposable water bottles and bags. Saying no is free and prevents tons of waste!

3) Stop shopping when you don’t really need it... I know, that’s a hard one but the reality is that buying new clothing can be incredibly wasteful and environmentally detrimental. Over 25 billion pounds of clothes go to waste every year in the U.S. alone! Using the clothing that you already have in your wardrobe, try switching around where they are in your closet, or invite a friend over to help coordinate new outfits. It’s a great way to recycle pieces you forgot you had and make them new again. Any clothing that you don’t want or don’t wear anymore can be sold at consignment stores for some extra $$$.

4) Cook your own food & brew your own coffee! You will learn how to reuse leftovers and reduce shopping for items that never get used… You will also eat healthier and learn a few impressive tricks :) not to mention it will be more budget-friendly AND zero waste!

5) Avoid plastic grocery bags. Stick some cloth bags in your car or bag, or store them right by your door so you don’t forget them when you hit up the grocery store. The same goes for egg boxes!

 See? Easy, right? 

What are your top free zero waste tips?


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