Corporate Gifting - The reuzi way!

Corporate Gifting - The reuzi way!

From day dot, we were a hub for all things sustainable living, no big deal there...

But one thing many might not know is that we also offer a full suite of tailor made gift packs for businesses and schools too.

Yes, think self-care packs - at the height of the pandemic, these were flying out the door! - Christmas Gifts, New Parent Packs, IWD Baskets, Easter Treats... you name it... we've literally done them all!

So, if you are looking for ways to treat your work colleagues, why not choose gifts that are not only good for us, humans but also good for our planet?

Our Corporate Gifting portfolio can be tailored according to your needs - from full Irish packs to specific themes such as Coffee Lovers, On The Go, etc.

We literally got everything you need under one (solar-powered!) roof :-)

Get in touch today to learn more!

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