Christmas Tree - Team Real or Team Fake?

Christmas Tree - Team Real or Team Fake?

Odds are you already have your Christmas tree up. Am I right?

So maybe this post is pointless but I thought I'd leave our final 2c on this whole 'Christmas tree' subject here...

Whether you are on #teamreal or #teamfake, one thing is for sure: you gotta adoooore your choice.

Why? Because if you love it, you will probably look after it really well, plastic or not. And as someone who owns a real tree AND a plastic tree I can safely say that!

Our big tall plastic tree is just over 10 years old. Say WHAAAT!!!

And can I just say? It looks as good as new. Because - once again - we love it and we take good care of it!

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, it takes at least 10 years of use before a fake tree becomes better for the environment than a real one, in terms of overall carbon emissions. Another study estimated this timeframe as closer to 20 years... 

I am ok with either 10 or 20 years because let's just say, our big old lady is going nowhere!

Our real tree is a newbie here and I got it at, a Cork based business. The aim is to plant this tree outside in the new year.

If you go for a standing tree, stay local to cut down on carbon emissions and don’t forget to compost your tree in January.

Head out to a local tree-cutting farm with friends, support local businesses, and make a day of it!

What is your favourite tree out there?

We'd love to hear it!

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