Carbon Footprint: What's the story?

Carbon Footprint: What's the story?

And now we will talk about footprint...CARBON FOOTPRINT that is!

Who's with me?

Hmmm... I see a lot of yous nodding but probably unsure on what this actually means...

Well, the dictionary definition is this:

"The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community."

My favourite way of looking at it is: It’s your impression on the planet.

When we eat, get on a car, travel abroad, buy food... we either generate carbon emissions ourselves or we buy from someone who already did it when producing the goods we are consuming.

For instance, when we eat food, that food has been grown somewhere (using water and chemicals, most likely!), it's been harvested, processed, kept in a freezer, transported, stored somewhere...

Each one of these steps require energy, which largely means fossil fuels.

What can you do to reduce your impact on our planet?

First things first, learn about how much of a footprint you are leaving behind on a daily basis.

Calculate your very own carbon footprint using tools such as and use your results as a baseline. Repeat this process from time to time to track your progress!

I've just come across this app and it looks rather interesting, have a go! They've been selected as the official tool for individuals to take action in run-up to COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference).

Others doing great work to educate us on how to reduce our footprint right here in Ireland are @evoccolife and @vitaireland 

Throughout my corporate career I used to say that 'What can't be measured can't be managed' and the same applies to carbon footprint - so let's get to it!

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