Black Friday for Businesses

Black Friday for Businesses

We are huge supporters of local businesses and that's no news... so today we want to share a few ideas on how to turn Black Friday green this year! 

Black Friday is here, and that means customers will be scouting your business for cut-price deals that they’ve waited for all year. But what if this year you do something a little different?

Black Friday has become one of the most environmentally un-friendly events on the seasonal calendar. Rock bottom prices encourage people to spend more, buying in bulk - which is great for the bottom line and oh-not-so-great-at-all for the local environment!

The surge in spending has a negative impact on local ecosystems, one that green teams in every business should consider offsetting this year, and every year after this one. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become part of our culture (wanting or not!), so let’s find ways to make this time greener!

Here are a few ways to turn your Black Friday into Green Friday...

1) Educate your customers. It’s thrilling for customers to get their hands on a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but on Black Friday this usually amounts to impulse buying. The consequence of that is an influx of discarded items that make their way to the landfill shortly after the holidays. Consider what your company is selling and how it should either be correctly recycled, reused or discarded. Then launch an educational initiative educating your customers about their options. Remember to make it easy by incentivising the recycling process.

2) Close your doors! A radical approach to Black Friday is to not participate at all. Hello, this is us :) Many businesses choose to shut their doors over this particular weekend, citing sustainability as the reason. Instead of working to minimise the environmental impact of these super-sales days, simply avoid them. We love what our friends at Grown Clothing are doing! While it may seem like your company will miss out, with a little creative planning that won’t be the case. Hosting sales at any other time means less competition, and that can be an advantage. Pick this weekend to take time off, send your employees on holiday, or to take a mental health hiatus. There really is no better time of the year, and it’s right before Christmas so you will all feel well-rested and ready for the festive rush.

3) Donate to charity or a reforestation programme. A quick and easy way to offset the Black Friday surge is to commit a portion of your sales to the environmental charity of your choice - we are working with Reforest Nation! You can also donate any amount to ocean cleanups (hello, Flossie!), or to wildlife conservationists working in your area. 

Use these ideas to make your next Black Friday a greener, more eco-friendly time for your little biz.

Whether you implement one or more of these practices, remember that every time you step towards Green Friday, you make the world a little less dark for everyone.

What is your company doing to offset Black Friday this year? Tell us below...


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